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BLOG TOPIC: Planning your tables ahead

The day has finally come and all that hard planning it being put into place. You know exactly how the tables should look like, where everyone will be seated and the full layout of the room.

I know that for me this was a hard thing to let go off. You’ve had full control this whole time and now you’ve been told to let that design side of your wedding go and trust others! This is fine if you have booked a wedding stylist or a planner but if your anything like me, for me it was my future husband and his fellow gatherers of the best man and Ushers. (Not going to lie this was hard for me to visualise) But all I can say is have faith in the people around you. Whether for you it is your future husband and this trusting men, the venue wedding coordinators, stylists or the florist. if you have your design all sealed and ready, there is nothing to worry about on the special day.

I want to provide some tips of how you can still be in control but physically not be present.

Lets get organised!

Planning your tables in advanced - for me I had a diagram of each tables, laid out and boxed up with everything needed for that table (you don’t have to get all arts and craft on me for this,  just put down the basic diagram) but to have the following labelled on the sheet -

  • who’s sitting where

  • who’s has allergies or dietary needs

  • what favours are going down on who’s place cards

  • name places cards

  • what decorations will be present for the table (are you having tea lights etc)

  • table numbers

  • how you want the napkins to be placed and where (are folding them)

  • menu cards (for each person or one per table)

  • children's gift bag

  • charger plates

When planning to draw your tables. Do one table design with everything on it - minus 

  • Guest names 

  • what favours are going down on who's place cards

This way you can scan as many tables you have and then add in the details for that table after with lines explaining each feature. (i.e napkins, tealights, candlestick, charger plate etc.)

We like things easy! This will save you time and patience. No one wants to draw 12 individual tables.


  1. ​Coloured tablecloth

  2. Coloured napkin

  3. Coloured fabric table runner

  4. Menu card

  5. Charger plate

  6. Main plate

  7. Name place card

  8. Glassware

  9. Cutlery

Florist providing:

  1. Loose foliage

  2. Single floral gold jar

  3. Gold candlestick + candle

  4. Mix & match tealight holder + candle


  1. ​Coloured tablecloth

  2. Coloured napkin

  3. Charger plate

  4. Main plate

  5. Name place card

  6. Glassware

  7. Cutlery

florist providing:

  1. Tripod floral arrangement

  2. Single floral crystal jar

  3. Glass candlestick + candle

  4. Mix & match tealight holder + candle

  5. Loose olive sprig

Having this all boxed up and labeled individually will give you some clarity on the day. So when the time come on the morning to set up, all they have to do is open each individual box for that table and see all products set aside and the all important diagram.

Now you can have that all important pamper morning with your selected friends & family, knowing everything is getting taken care of at the other end!


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