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BLOG TOPIC: Creating a dream Wedding board!

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It isn’t just about pinning a pretty image, for me it’s creating another platform of showing work, not just mine but others and the trends around us. It’s another way for me to expand my business into other fields of social media.

I’m showing you how I can visualise ideas, themes and details. In areas I love most. Taking the searching process away and creating the boards that will hold your dream images.

I wanted each board to reflect me and my styles, so when my client look's in that board they can see that what I spoke about could also be seen in images. From pages like ‘envy of plants’ to the shades of blue/pastel/red etc to ‘adding detail’. All these are different and they don’t just fit into one board or category, they needed to have their own place to be heard and seen. This is a field I love spending time in, I want to show my brides what can be achieved on their day by adding in detail.

“You don’t have to have an endless pot of money, it’s about being clever with the money you have”.

Each board has it own life, for example If you go into the Blush Page, you can dive into seeing the beautiful selection of linens that will flow of the tables, toning candles in gold candlesticks, the best luxury paper good for the menus, to the simple colour palette for the main flowers. The 'theme' you could say is, it reminds me of looking through a window of a garden in Tuscany. Another example is the Boho Desert Page, you will see a different concept. (This is where you will have to delve deep into the creative mind! Well Dorset you aren’t met with gorgeous deserts to explore but we are blessed with the New Forest. So it creating a vision that goes beyond the surroundings you are presented with). This page you will find hanging installation of muted colours of the pampas grass. Using earthly tones to draw in the desert colours with leather fabric name tags or trailing ribbons for the bridal party. Macarme draped as a backdrop behind your sweetheart top table. Not just having flowers on the tables but including plants in terracotta pots or concrete containers, try Agave, Cactus or Heather's. The list is honestly endless. Think of open land in Arizona!

These board are bursting with ideas, that are just a pin away. I say to my brides, pin as many images that brings happiness to you. Then once you think you have the details underway, make another board that is going to a true interpretation to your wedding. Then from the images chosen from your previous board. Start looking at the details that you want shown.

Is this the look of my bridal bouquet I want designed? Will my name tags be in this paper or fabric? Have my napkins running under the plates? Will the aisle markers be a feature running along the floor?

These are the questions and images you need to arrow down. So when you meet up with your florist or cake designer. You will have the final images to present and feel confident in the reflection of your wedding.

It doesn't have to be a minefield. Be creative in the details! That alone will separate you from the weddings around you.

Top Tip - Remember to always ask friends or colleagues, as an idea might feel far fetch or to expensive to create but just asking might open the doors to someone being in that field to be able to create that vision or having an item that will be similar to the image you want to achieve. "It never hurts to ask"

Happy Pinning.

Jessica Hillier Floral Design offers a unique style, with love for organic, earthy and natural wedding floral designing. More than just a florist. Based in Christchurch, Dorset and available by appointment only for Brides and Grooms.

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