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BLOG TOPIC: Dress to Impress – My Wedding Stand Inspiration

I’m kicking 2019 off with 2 wedding fairs (Canford School on Sunday 27th January and RNLI Poole on Sunday 3rd February) and design is underway for my stand.

It’s been an interesting exercise as both venues are polar opposites and whilst I don’t necessarily want to mould my look to suit them, it’s important my stand is dressed to impress potential clients of these spaces.

I thought this would be a helpful blog post as quite often I find during initial consultations that the thought of creating a look book can be quite daunting. I’ll always ask for the venue, the season and colour scheme yet there’s so much more to delve into the help your vision come to life.

Take Canford School as a venue for example. This Grade I listed building oozes grandeur with a history that dates back to the 14th century. Its opulent features, stunning grounds and idyllic location make it an amazing choice for a wedding venue.

The RNLI in Poole is completely removed from the antique charm of Canford School with a rather more modern feel. It’s the perfect blank canvas for those who seek a beautiful backdrop for their special day with waterfront views of Poole Harbour. With a space like this you can opt for so many different concepts.

In an ideal world I’d bring all my ideas to the table (no pun intended!) however I only have a small space and a Land Rover to transport it all so I’ve selected two designs. Each created with versatility, sophistication and romance in mind.


  • Soft Olive greens, not just in the foliage but with the tablecloth.

  • Green floral tableware with a clean cut glass plate.

  • Crystal glass for the tea lights, jam jars and glassware.

  • Birch wood brings in the woodland theme, this will be shown on the statement piece tripods. Then glass candle sticks to introduce the beige of the candles and napkins.

  • Flowers will be in soft peaches, pinks and whites with textural foliage including olive.

Where to find these looks:


Deep tones to this design with plums and burgundy. For this I wanted to have a good balance for colour palettes, so even though it’s got deeper shades I still want a fresh look so I’ve added white’s to provide a lighter pop. So having ‘old rose’ pink tablecloth adds warmth to the design but then having classic white tableware and linen napkins brings an even balance.

For the accessories I went for a muted gold with the candle sticks, tea lights and table numbers.

To work in the plum shades more I went for Figs and Black grapes and then adding this also onto the cake that will sit alongside my table as a desired prop.

This couldn’t be done without a dear friend of mine from Cakes by Helen!

​Where to find these looks:

Why not come and see the finished product at one of these amazing wedding fairs? Come and meet me on Sunday 27th January at the Canford Magna or Sunday 3rd February at The RNLI College in Poole.

Two wonderful shows! Canford Magna is hosted by Dawn from Wedding Daze & RNLI Poole is hosted by Catherine the brains behind Love That Wedding!


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